Comprehensive Medication
Delivery Service

Computerized Medication Profile Management w

Our pharmacists and technicians communicate with your community staff and doctors to ensure that your prescriptions are properly and accurately filled. Your prescription information is constantly updated in the Unicare RX Pharmacy Docu-Dose Medication Management System. This process insures that your prescription drug records are maintained with a very high degree of accuracy. Use of only one pharmacy service also assures that that all important drug-drug interactions are appropriately identified and addressed. Through continuous communication between the Unicare Rx Pharmacy staff and your community nursing staff, we can be certain that we can supply you with current and accurate drug therapy. Our updated, computerized medication profiles allow our pharmacists will work with your doctors to identify duplicate medications and significant drug-drug interactions.

Direct to Facility Medication Delivery

Direct to your facility medication delivery is available via Unicare Rx courier personnel. Our couriers are our employees. They have the same commitment that each of our staff has to insure that your medications arrive to your community safely and on time. Direct delivery of medications to your community nursing staff provids you and your family with the peace of mind that the medications you need are handled and transported in a timely and safe manner and that your medications are delivered directly to the nurses responsible for monitoring your medication.

Every Two Week Medication Cycle Fill

Filling your medications every two weeks allows for minimal waste of medications
. When medications are changed or discontinued, it is not uncommon to have waste medications that you have already had to pay for. We all know that the medication needs of our seniors change, sometimes your medications may change every month or so. By filling your medications every two weeks, the pharmacy staff of Unicare Rx update your current medication listing twice a month. Medications that are discontinued or changed are not packaged into the Docu-Dose System. The Dou-Dose System; therefore, saves you money by filling only a two-week supply of medication twice a month rather than the traditional one to three month medication refill supply.

Every Two Week Fill-List Record

By printing and review of your current medication listing every two weeks, your community nurses and our pharmacy staff can review and make changes to your drug therapy quickly and accurately. Our pharmacy staff uses the fill-list record to work with your community nurses to continuously up-date your current drug listing. Once we print the fill-list record, it is faxed to your community nurses for review. They make necessary changes to your medication regime, as directed by your doctor, and then they fax the listing back to Unicare Rx Pharmacy. Once back in the pharmacy, our pharmacy technicians and pharmacists go over the fill-list record and make necessary changes to our computerized medication profile.

Emergency and On-Call Service

Our pharmacists are always available to you. Unicare Rx maintains a Pharmacist On-Call Service to assist you with your medication needs when our main pharmacy is closed. Unicare Rx maintains a working relationship with pharmacies in your area to assist us in providing you emergency and/or first dose medications in a timely manner. Our on-call pharmacists are available to answer questions about medications and provide service as needed to you and your community's nursing staff. Along with our pharmacist on-call, we also have couriers' on-call that can transport medications as necessary. Through this service, you can be assured that you will get the medications you need when you need them.

Medication Observation Records

Each month, Unicare Rx pharmacy produces a Medication Observation Record that your nurses use to document when you take your medications. This record allows you, your family, and/or your doctors to be assured that you have received your medications as ordered by your doctors. If medical questions or problems arise, then your community nurses can quickly refer to your Medication Observation Record to give your doctors an up-to-date and accurate list of your current medications. This up-to-date, monthly listing could save your life in an emergency situation.

Physician's Orders Summary Records

Every three months, Unicare Rx pharmacy produces a Physician's Orders Summary Record that your doctors will review and sign. This record is used by your community nursing staff and your doctors to be able to keep an up-to-date listing of your current medications. These are occasions when you may see more than one doctor. Sometimes doctors don't communicate with each other when changes are made to your medication regime. Your Physician's Orders Summary Record can be used by all your doctors to help them "keep-up" with medication changes that may be made by several doctors.

Full Service Insurance Assistance

Dealing with prescription drug insurance can be difficult, time consuming, and down right confusing. Unicare Rx has a prescription drug insurance technician who knows how to get through the insurance company's red tape to get questions answered and problems solved. We are finding prescription drug insurance plans, just like individuals, are struggling to maintain drug coverage for their clients just as drug costs seem to continue to increase. One way the insurance companies try to "contain cost" is through requiring your doctor to obtain Prior Authorization or Prior Approval (also known as PA's) before they will pay for a medication. Unicare Rx pharmacy's trained and knowledgeable insurance tech can handle these PA issues, On your behalf, our insurance tech will determine what the insurance company wants done to get the PA approved. This may mean that certain paperwork must be completed and that insurance tech will coordinate with your doctor's staff to get the right paperwork processed. This valuable service could save you hundreds of dollars by assuring that your insurance company and your doctor work together to get your medication covered by your insurance plan.

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