Value Added Services

  1. Free delivery to the facility where the resident resides

  2. Upon signing pharmacy provider agreement, Free
    establishment of 30 day charge account services

  3. Free Once monthly billing of co-payments and other pharmacy charges

  4. Free Medicare Part-D Claims and insurance claims processing

  5. Electronic Medication Profile Management Services which include provider notice of all relevant drug-drug interactions

  6. Automatic Written Notification of Potential Relevant Drug-Drug Interactions which are sent to nurses caring for the resident

  7. Twice-monthly Facility and Pharmacy Med List Review through your Fill-List Review process

  8. Specialized Medication Packaging through the use of the MTS Seven-Day Plus Med Pak, the Doc-U-Dose system, and traditional 15 & 30 day blister pack technologies

  9. Cycle-Fill Dispensing System that automatically refills chronically needed medications every 15 or 30 days

  10. Printing and Delivery for Medication Observation/Med Admin Records (MARs) through our available Medical Records Service

  11. Printing and Delivery for Physician’s Orders Summary Records through our available Medical Records Service

  12. Printing and Delivery for Resident’s Treatment Records through our available Medical Records Service

  13. Pharmacy supplied Fax Machine and Medication Carts

  14. E-Rx Request which uses the latest bar-code technology along with internet access to electronically order and transmit medication refill requests

  15. Automatic computerized medication delivery records through our Track Point Filling and Delivery Software

  16. Pharmacy Consulting Services

  17. Staff In-service Training and Education services

  18. Resident and Caregiver Educational Offerings

  19. Emergency Drug Kit Preparation and Management

  20. Pharmacist and Courier On-call 24 Hours a day-7 Days a Week and on Holidays

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